Zumbro Hill Apiary

Van Straaten Kids with 9oz JarsOur honey is raw, unfiltered, unheated, and dynamite! Which means, it will crystalize. Embrace the spreadable properties of the honey crystals or just warm the jar in hot water to return it to a liquid state. Non-crystalizing honey is a symptom of over processed heated honey.

Hive to Table

Our claim of “Hive to Table” honey is merited. The color variations of our honey comes from the variety of blooms collected by our bees. We extract and bottle each hive’s honey separately – never blending. We honor the bees work by keeping your honey from a single source.

Profits to Charity

The kids have decided that all profits this year will go to supporting the Rochester Mustangs Sled Hockey Team. It is a great organization that provides those with disabilities an opportunity to play hockey! Thank you for your support!